Dress: Marie Hell c/o | Vest: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Everlane | Watch: Apple | Bag: Leah Lerner c/o | Sunglasses: Prada

One of this year’s goal was simplifying and living a life with meaning. While I’m shopping a lot less than I have in the past (cue in my transition towards financial responsibility), the few pieces that I’m allowing myself to add to my closet reflect this overall state-of-mind: simple, classic, and those that I’ll get a lot of joy and use from.

That’s exactly how I feel about this dress from Marie Hell. In the few days I’ve had it, I’ve already managed to style it three ways for different occasions: dressed up for date night, toned down and layered for a casual weekend look, and for work as seen in this post. I love wearing white, so I was immediately attracted to how bright this particular shade is (bonus: it’s not see-through!). It’s also incredibly comfortable, yet subtly sexy.

Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism


Bare Shoulders

Bare shoulders

Top: Zara | Jeans: Genetic Denim | Shoes: Givenchy | Purse: Leah Lerner c/o | Sunglasses: Prada

Let’s start this post off with an obvious Editor’s Note: Uhm, hello, baby hairs! I woke up too late to wash my hair, so up in a bun it went. Little did I realize how many new baby hairs I have growing – and growing wildly at the back of my head. I guess my daily biotin intake is definitely working…

It’s June. June. Already! This year has been quite the roller-coaster for me so far. I’ve gone through really great highs (so many – literally. I’m truly blessed.), but I’ve definitely had my share of really deep lows. I don’t think I’ve ever questioned so many things about my life as I have in the last 6 months – everything from past/current/future friendships, relationships, jobs, family history and dynamics, finances, etc. And while it’s been mentally and emotionally exhausting at times, I have faith that all of this work on myself will lead me to even greater and more meaningful experiences in the future.

Bare shouldersBare shouldersBare shouldersIMG_0228Bare shoulders

Spring Favorites from Gap & Alexander Wang

Spring Favorites

Dress: Gap (also available in blue and gray) | Shoes: Alexander Wang | Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I’ve been in the midst of a full closet overhaul over the last few months, which has consisted of freezing my spending and donating/selling bags and bags (over 15 of them!) of clothes and shoes. And while I have been really good about not shopping, I couldn’t help but add a couple of basics last month that I now can’t stop wearing: this over-sized black dress and these white leather flats.

Let’s start with the dress. Yes, it’s shapeless. Yes, I could probably wear it if I were pregnant. But that’s why I’m obsessed (and the fact that it has pockets). I love it so much that I snagged it in gray (on sale!), which should be arriving this week.

These shoes were an impulse buy. I found myself complaining at my lack of spring/summer-appropriate shoes (I kind of overdid it on the boots last season). That was until one day, one of my co-workers showed me these Alexander Wangs on sale for $90 (brand new). Swoon.

Black Gap dress Black Gap dress Black Gap dress