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  1. Beautiful blog dear, thanks to Alexandra from HRH collection I found you :) your style is very close to mine! And oh, off course I’m following ;) I hope to see you on my little blog soon, ciao bella!

  2. Oh, HOW I LOVE your style!!!! HOW DO YOU AFFORD IT ALL!? I am gonna follow. I LOVE that you are not afraid of COLOR.

    1. Thanks so much! :) I definitely work hard for my shopping money, but I also sell clothing and accessories I no longer wear on Poshmark ( You can see what my latest listings are by clicking at the top of my blog where it says “Shop My Closet.”

      Color is my friend! I used to be very scared of color, but have had so much fun incorporating it into my day-to-day no matter what time of the year it is.


  3. Hi Maria,

    I am following you on Pose .. I have been for a while now, I recognized your blog name from your pose name! My pose username is Minnie, I’m not sure if you’re already following me though ;)

    I’ve just started my own fashion blog on here, still learning how to use it but!

    1. Hi there! Yay–love connecting with people across multiple platforms. Thanks for finding me!

      Good luck with your blog. You’ll get the hang of it quickly, I’m sure! :) Hope to see you around here. xo

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