Winter Casual

Winter Casual

Chambray Top: Target | Sweater: H&M | Faux Fur Vest, pants, shoes: Zara | Hat: Forever 21 | Sunglasses & Purse: Borrowed from Amanda

I can’t stop wearing some sort of combination of all of these pieces this season. Let’s start with the shoes: I couldn’t get myself to get the designer version of these shoes so I was excited to find these from Zara for $50. They fit me perfectly, are comfortable enough for me to last all day (sounds funny, but I actually have trouble wearing flats and sneakers for a long time), and I love the strong black & white contrast.

The hat: I never, ever considered myself a hat person until this season. And now I want them all! They’re the perfect way to hide unruly hair and keep your head warm (at least for the winter we experience here in San Francisco). My next hat challenge will be rocking beanies – think I can do it?

Winter CasualWinter Casual Winter Casual Winter Casual



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