White Lace

Summer white lace

Top & Jeans: Studio F Colombia | Shoes: Jean Michel Cazabat c/o Piperlime | Purse: Banana Republic c/o | Sunglasses: D&G | Crystal Bracelet: Tenis Colombia | Rings: Colombia, Tiffany & Co.

I took these shots on my first day back at work after my vacation to Colombia a couple of months ago (hence the tan and the mosquito bite on my ankle). These are now my favorite jeans and it’s too bad that they don’t ship to the US because I want more…along with a bazillion other cute (and affordable) things that they carry! The jeans fit perfectly and I absolutely love the neon detail at the cuff. Plus, the distressing is spot on – not too much, but just right.

Summer white laceSummer white lace IMG_4295Summer white laceSummer white laceSummer white lace



  1. Gorgeous, as usual!! I love tht neon detail in the cuff. Those jeans are fabulous!! I’m glad to see you back blogging again!! Hope all is well;)

    1. Thank you! And they fit me perfectly – waist, hips, legs. It’s actually not easy for me to find such great fitting jeans. And yay for blogging! Trying to get back into it…work/personal life has taken over, but I miss my little blog.

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