To say the last week has been difficult is an understatement. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you saw that my apartment was effected by the five-alarm fire in San Francisco last week (crazy scary picture taken by my roommate from our living room when the fire started). Fortunately, everyone is safe (including my cat!) and the biggest damage was to my apartment itself, including shattered windows and smoke damage. The apartment won’t be liveable for 3-5 months, but luckily, the apartment complex offered a similar apartment at their sister complex across the street, so we have a place to live! And insurance has taken all of the furniture to get professionally cleaned to remove the smoke smell and toxins. It definitely could have been worse, so I’m feeling very grateful.

But after days of washing clothes, packing, moving, signing new paperwork, etc. and trying to balance a busy work schedule, I’m ready to welcome this fresh start with open arms and an even more positive attitude. And what better way to #WinTheDay than by celebrating the official start of spring with bright colors and a new beauty routine? Clearasil recently sent me their new skincare line to try out and I’m especially excited to use the superfruit scrub!

Make sure you visit clearasil.us/promotions/offers to check out their promotions and scope out their latest products for yourself.

This post was sponsored by Clearasil. However, all opinions expressed are my own.



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