My Fit Style

Kitties + Couture: My Fit Style

Top: Chi Tank c/o | Sweater: Olympus Sweater c/o | Bottoms: Chat tights c/o | Shoes: New Balance c/o | Sunglasses: Karen Walker via Poshmark (same style, different color)

I made a vow to myself at the beginning of last year to keep my fitness in check. Now that I’m in my late 20s, I notice and feel my metabolism and energy levels slowing down and after a few health scares, taking care of myself is more important than ever. I’ll be the first one to admit that I definitely indulge (french fries and bread!) and probably don’t eat enough greens, but I definitely try my best to find a balance that works for me – and I think that’s what I’ve achieved.

My weekly routine consists of 3 days of 1-hour Zumba classes at my local Equinox (intense, high-cardio) and as much walking as I can get. Luckily, San Francisco is definitely a walking city and I’m fortunate enough to have the Embarcadero in my backyard. That’s why when Athleta reached out and asked me to style some of their new spring arrivals, I jumped at the opportunity. There’s no better motivation to workout than new, cute workout clothes!

And let me tell you – ever since I got each of these pieces in the mail, I have had a hard time NOT wearing them, especially because I can easily transition them into my casual street style. The sweater (with thumb holes!) and crisp white running shoes have been in heavy rotation. However, my favorite out of all of them may have to be these tights. They’re SO comfortable, warm (but not too warm when you sweat!), and come in petite sizing so I don’t have to worry about them bunching at the bottom.

Kitties + Couture: My Fit StyleKitties + Couture: My Fit StyleKitties + Couture: My Fit StyleKitties + Couture: My Fit StyleKitties + Couture: My Fit Style




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