New Year’s Eve Look: Feathers & Lace

Kitties + Couture

Dress: Zara | Shoes: L.A.M.B. {Courtesy of} DSW | Clutch: Vintage | Necklace: Forever 21 

I still can’t believe the end of 2013 is here and, boy, what a year this has been! For those who know me closely, I have a slight fascination with the number 13 for many, many reasons and so I knew this was going to be quite a year for me (especially because I kicked it off with my birthday 1-3-13…and because Susan Miller told me so and, again if you know me closely, you know that she’s pretty dead on with my horoscope). 2013 consisted of career upswings, love, heartache, laughter, discovering what really makes me happy, spirituality, personal growth, self-confidence, and feeling truly comfortable in my skin for the first time. And while I’ll miss seeing the number ’13’ every time I look at the date or a calendar, I’m so, so excited to experience everything that the new year has in store.

On a fashion note, I’ve owned this dress for a couple of years now and it still has the tags! I can’t get myself to sell it on Poshmark yet and still find myself waiting for the right occasion to wear it out. While I’m not wearing it for NYE this year, I wanted to use these pictures as an inspiration for future holiday or cocktail events.

Kitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + Couture




  1. Hi Maria,

    You know I’m an addict fashion and I often like your outfits!
    But this time, I say no!
    First, carry this necklace is too much when you wear clothing lace so close to the neck.
    Lace, feathers is enough!
    On the evening bag, it does not go at all with the outfit! It goes with no color! A simply black purse will be perfect!
    As for shoes, even if they are beautiful, they are shoes to sit still at dinner and especially not to walk or dance – it is a practical question.

    A french fashion blogueuse who is sorry for this comments!


    1. Hi, there! Thanks for your comment and your opinion – no need to be sorry. Understandably, fashion is debatable and, as this is a personal style blog, the outfits I wear or those that inspire me, won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

      I do like to maintain a positive tone throughout my blog, including in the comments section, so I appreciate your suggestions for what you’d pair with the dress.

      Happy New Year to you!

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