Silky Trousers

Kitties + Couture

Sweater: H&M | Trousers & Shoes: Zara | Purse: Kooba borrowed from Adiel | Sunglasses: D&G | Necklaces: {Courtesy of} bombom Jewelry, TOMTOM Jewelry | Watch: Michael Kors “Bradshaw” | Rings: Tiffany & Co., Colombia

One of the many good things about moving (or in my case, moving into a different room in my apartment), is rediscovering things that got lost deep inside the closet. That was the case for these silk trousers and it makes me sad to think that I went through this entire summer without playing in these carefree, comfortable pants.

Kitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + Couture




  1. Lol! I’m in the middle of a move now and I can’t wait to discover new “finds” while unpacking. So glad you found those trousers because they’re gorgeous!

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