Mother’s Day 2013: New Beginnings

Kitties + Couture

One year ago, my mom began her battle with breast cancer – and what an emotional, heart-breaking, hard…yet inspiring year it has been. This Mother’s Day, I’m so happy to report that my mom is in full recovery and doing much better physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thank YOU all for supporting me, my mom, and the rest of my family throughout the last year as I shared bits and pieces of this tough journey with you. Your blog comments, Tweets, Facebook messages, Instagram comments, and your personal emails of support meant so much to me.

As I sit here planning out our Mother’s Day celebration tomorrow, I couldn’t help but read the blog posts and be reminded about how lucky I am to have such an amazing, strong, and beautiful mom. Please take the time to read (or re-read) my posts by clicking the links below, think about your own mom, and join us as we continue to promote breast cancer awareness.

5.8.2012: My mom’s story. The blog post I wrote the night before her surgery.

8.10.2012: Half-way through her chemo treatments. She still managed to put a smile on her face.

10.2.2012: Chemo ended with a bad scare. Oh, and I put someone in their place – nicely, of course.

11.21.2012: Mom finished radiation in time for Thanksgiving, calling it an end to her treatments.

“Even the most terrible circumstances and events can stimulate great change in individuals and/or societies. Without observing cruelty, we would not be moved to compassion. Without personal trials, we would not develop patience or faithfulness. It is the recognition that our earthly concerns matter little when compared to life eternal that allows us to know joy in the midst of sorrow and worry. Have you ever really changed or experienced personal growth during times of comfort or complacency? The acceptance that change rarely comes without difficulty and challenge can truly free a person to rejoice always. It also allows us to live daily with a grateful heart and give thanks in all circumstances. No matter what the circumstances, we can be grateful that God fulfills His promises, that our faith is sufficient to sustain us, and that our eternal life is assured

Even when we are furstrated by our inability to understand a circumstance or event, there are unseen angels bringing comfort and protection as directed by the wisdom of God. Our only reasonable option is to rely on the word and promises of God.”

To Heaven and Back, Mary C. Neal, MD.

Kitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + Couture




  1. Que bueno María me alegro mucho de que tu mami esté mejor y espero que mañana pasen un día espectacular de las madres junto a tu linda familia… Se que Dios tiene muchas cosas buenas para ustedes… bendiciones… ♥♥♥

  2. Un feliz y bellisimo día de las madres para su mama. You’re all very fortunate to have each other. I almost lost my mom in 2010 to an unrelated health scare but I live everyday with such gratitude that she’s still here. In a way people who have gone through what we’ve gone through are very lucky because we live everyday with that appreciation (as opposed to people who have their loved ones taken away suddenly and they never got that “I should said/should have done” opportunity).

    1. Muchisimas gracias por tu mensaje tan lindo, Jessica! We are definitely blessed and I thank God for my family every single day. Besos!

  3. Happy Mothers Day! I just lost my father less than a month ago and it has left a HUGE hole in my heart…it is unfathonable to imagine what my mother is feeling right now. I can’t imagine what life without her would be like. Live every day like it is your last, tell them every day you love them…you only have them for a short time.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, as well as your mother and the rest of your family – thanks so much for sharing such an intimate detail with me. I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to you.

  4. Thank You for sharing so happy to hear that she is doing much better!! Your Mom is so beautiful and such a strong Woman! Hope you guys had a wonderful day today!


  5. Your mom is gorgeous! I’m so glad to hear she has recovered. My mom passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago when I was 13 so I know how hard of a struggle it must have been. <3

    1. Thank you! So sorry to hear about your loss and can’t imagine how losing someone, especially your mom, to breast cancer is. Thank you for sharing with me and giving me even more inspiration to keep spreading awareness. <3

  6. Stands in my family as well… horrible feeling and such a hard battle… My cousin got the first time at 27 and had to remobe her breasts 2 years ago, so young. Thank you for sharing and the best of luck to all of you :)

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