Lucite Love

Kitties + Couture

T-Shirt: Target | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Blazer: Rebecca Minkoff “Becky” | Bag: {Courtesy of} Graceship “New York” | Scarf: Local boutique | Sunglasses: D&G | Watch: Michael Kors “Bradshaw” | Bracelet: Vintage | Rings: {Courtesy of} TOMTOM Jewelry “Interlock,” Colombia

I have professed my love for these pumps before on the blog (probably more than once…they’re that good). I first bought these babies last spring and can’t tell you how comfortable they are. I love that the lucite heel gives this classic black pump some spark…so much so that when I spotted a brand new pair in my size for sale on Poshmark, I knew I had to get them and store them away for when this pair gets worn down. Surprisingly, this is the first shoe that I have ever bought two of, which says a lot because I LOVE I’m obsessed with my shoes. ;)

Kitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + Couture




    1. Bun bun bun! <3 Thanks, babes. And hehe–GO NINERS. Notice that part of the post is deleted now…only to reappear on tomorrow's post. Stupid me. ;) <3

  1. I love those shoes too (and the pants)!! You know just who to tag if you should ever tire of one pair of those lucite beauties! I’ll be all over them in a hot second…

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