Shedding Layers

Kitties + Couture

Dress: Zara | Cardigan: Velvet | Coat: ModCloth | Shoes: Zara | Bag: {Courtesy of} GRACESHIP “New York” | Scarf: Alexander McQueen | Sunglasses: D&G | Earrings: Kate Spade | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Vintage | Rings: {Courtesy of} TOMTOM Jewelry “Interlocking,” Colombia

As the year comes to a close and another birthday is right around the corner, I’m sitting back and beginning to reflect on everything that has happened. To say this has been a year of change and challenges would be an understatement, and while the year is almost over, the Universe is still finding ways to throw things my way. I’m not complaining by any means. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, both “good” things and “bad” things. It’s up to us to figure out what those reasons are, even if it takes a day, a month or years to discover. But because of everything that I’ve learned about myself over the last twelve months, learned about who I prefer to surround myself with, and all of the experiences that I’ve had, I’m realizing that it’s another time in my life where I need to shed some of my layers and expose myself to a new beginning.

Kitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + CoutureKitties + Couture




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