Point + Shoot

Top: Tobi.com | Shorts: Old Navy | Jacket: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Camera Bag: {Courtesy of} Lo & Sons “The Claremont” | Sunglasses: D&G | Earrings: Kate Spade | Necklace: Kate Spade | Watch: Michael Kors “Bradshaw” | Bracelets: {Courtesy of} Shira Melody Jewelry, Vintage | Rings: {Courtesy of} Karen London “Top of the Hills,” TomTom Jewelry, Colombia

Day 2 of last week’s IFB Conference ended a bit earlier in the day and so Amanda and I were able to get outside, enjoy the short-term lack of humidity, and snap away in the gorgeous streets of SoHo. This jacket, shorts, shoes, and bag were my go-to pieces during my entire trip in NYC. Easy, breezy, and cool.

Speaking of cool, how amazing is my new Lo & Sons camera bag? Yes, it’s a camera bag! I can’t tell you how much I used to dread carrying my DSLR around with me to events, work, and on my frequent trips across the country, mostly because I didn’t have a decent and stylish bag to carry it in. Lugging around my camera felt like such a burden that I left it behind many times. But fret no more! This sleek leather bag has quilted nylon padding inside, ensuring my camera and lens are safe and sound (and looking pretty, if I do say so myself). There are also three different slots for memory cards and the adjustable cross-body strap makes it perfect to throw over my shoulder everywhere I go.

UPDATE: Lo & Sons has extended my 25% discount until the end of September! Use code “KITTIESANDCOUTURE” at checkout. Woohoo! Snag your own camera bag (or the OMG bag!) before it’s too late!

PS: It’s bittersweet that I’m posting my NYC street style look on 9/11. Eleven years ago, on 9/11/01, our nation was attacked. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news and the shock, horror, and sadness I felt watching it unfold. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who impacted by this tragedy. May we never forget.




  1. AHHH Loooove these shots!! And you know how insanely jealous I am of your camera bag- it’s serioussllly perfection! What a fun day this was, now only if we could take New York back with us for some more fab photo shoots! ::missing nyc:: ::but not the humidity::

    <3 Amanda

  2. It’s soo nice to see a familiar setting. I haven’t been to SoHo in months. The cobblestones provide that great backdrop to any shot. Love the shoes and the watch is stealthy sleek. Hope you enjoyed my or our (fashionistas worldwide) city, nYc.

    1. Thanks so much! I love my Old Navy shorts…especially because they were so affordable! And yes–the camera bag is amazing. I’ve been also using it as a regular bag!

  3. I’m kinda dying over your jacket. Is it in Zara stores now or from a past season? Also, are the sleeves real or faux leather? I may have to track down one of those for myself.

  4. You took these shots (literally) right outside my friend’s work! I have been there a zillion times. How funny. I love that Chanel location around the corner. They keep it a little edgier.

  5. I love the layering and styling. My favorite piece is the Zara jacket, but really, everything works so well together. That arm candy, those shoes… Oh, and that camera bag is all kinds of wonderful! I’m tempted to buy one with the 25% off discount, even though I don’t HAVE a camera.

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