Gym Edition: The O.M.G. Bag

Bag: {Courtesy of} Lo & Sons “The O.M.G. Bag” | Tee: Party In Pink “Share The Love” | Tank: Party In Pink “Love Racerback” | Sports Bra: Nike | Shorts: Nike | Shoes: NikeΒ 

If you know me or follow me on any sort of social media outlet, you know I’m a die-hard Zumba fan. I’ve been doing Zumba two-to-three times a week for a little over a year. Not only am I physically in the best shape of my life, but I’m having SO much fun doing it (dancing, sweating, smiling…what’s not to love?!). Going to Zumba, especially over the last few months, has been my escape from the stress and everything else going on around me. An hour all to myself, doing something I love and not worrying about anything else except challenging myself and being comfortable doing crazy dance moves in front of a class.

But no workout would be complete without a stylish ensemble, of course (you are on a fashion blog, after all!). And this stylish ensemble would not be complete without the perfect gym bag. Cue in: The O.M.G. (The Overnight & Medium Gym Bag)! Yes, the name says it all. The team at Lo & Sons recently sent me this amazing, medium-sized bag in this gorgeous raspberry color and it is absolutely perfect for my after work gym escapades. Not only does it have compartments for everything you could think of (I’m OCD with organization, folks), but it fits SO much in a relatively small, lightweight, and water/stain-resistant bag. I’ve been taking it with me to the gym for a couple of weeks now (and on my recent trip to Utah for Adiel’s wedding) and can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received!

But that’s not all! Lo & Sons has extended a 25% off discount for YOU to enjoy on a bag of your choice! Enter “KITTIESANDCOUTURE” at checkout to receive your discount. Offer is good through the end of Labor Day (9/3/12), so happy shopping!

{image above via Lo & Sons}

Lastly, I participated in a Zumbathon this past weekend to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer in honor of my mom’s fight with the disease (see original post here). Here are some of the pictures from the event, which my sisters and some friends also participated in. So. Much. Fun.




    1. Thank you! I’m wearing tons of pink these days to support my mom’s fight against breast cancer. It’s quickly become one of my favorite colors! :)

  1. What a great post and great cause to support! Oddly enough, I just had my first Zumba class last week, here in Cartagena. I definitely foresee it helping me learn to shake my booty like a Colombiana! ;-)

    Also, what a stunning group of women you and your sisters are. Diosas!

  2. I’m very into Zumba as well! It’s like my reward after going to muscle classes, something to look forward to afterwards (:

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