The Fight: Help Find A Cure With Oia Jules

Top: Madewell | Jeans: Mango | Shoes: Brian Atwood | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff “Henry” | Sunglasses: D&G | Earrings: Kate Spade | Necklace: HRH Collection “Acid Cuff” | Flower Pin: Zara | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: {Courtesy of} Oia Jules “The PINK Bracelet,” Vintage | Rings: {Courtesy of} Vanessa Mooney “Shark Tooth,” Gilt Groupe, Colombia

My mom was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer earlier this year (see original post here). While she was able to catch it early, the doctors found that the abnormal cells in her breast were duplicating extremely fast and because of this, my mom has been going through chemotherapy. The reality of filling someone’s body with poison in order to kill the bad cells (all while also attacking the good) never really hit me until I had to watch the red liquid being inserted into my mom’s body for the first time, a memory that I know I’ll never forget and one that still brings tears to my eyes to this day.

She’s been receiving chemo every other week since June and we’re getting ready for her fifth treatment next week, making it officially over the half-way mark. To put it lightly, chemo is a bitch. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to witness is my mom so vulnerable, scared, and in pain. But we’re still hopeful and looking ahead to better times. Now that we’ve reached the half-way mark, she will be receiving a different type of chemo, one that is known to cause less discomfort and side effects than the first type that she has been receiving.

My mom, looking as beautiful as ever, in her two new wigs. Foxy lady!

I’m still definitely a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, even something as horrible as cancer. And one of the most amazing things to come out of my personal experience is the ability to speak up, raise awareness of this disease, and encourage others to join me in helping to find a cure. That’s why I was so excited to receiveย The PINK Bracelet in the mail from Elizabeth, designer at Oia Jules, and style it up in this post for you!

Elizabeth will be donating $12.50 of every PINK bracelet sold to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the most fiscally-responsible charities in the country, with 90% of all donation dollars going directly to research grants and awareness programs. Elizabeth, who is considered “high risk” for this disease herself, was compelled to do something to contribute to finding a cure after learning that a staggering 1 in 8 US women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.

Please join me, Elizabeth, and my mom in finding a cure! Head on over to Oia Jules to purchase your own PINK bracelet! <3




  1. Oh Maria, honey I’m so sorry to hear of your Mom’s struggle. I’m happy to see you & your Mama are staying strong & positive, best way to come out on top not matter what you’re going through! Breast cancer has plagued my family too, my grandmother, my aunties and some cousins all have survived it, and you are right chemo is a bitch! One thing that always impressed me with their battle was just how much strength they found during their treatment. I guess the saying “you never know how strong you are until you have no choice but to be” is true. I’m happy to help, just bought my bracelet thanks for sharing! Stay strong love, and I can see where you got all that beauty you pack! You’re Mama is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Dana! Thank you so much for your sweet message. I’m so happy to hear that your family has survived the battle. Thank you for buying the bracelet! It’s gorgeous!


  2. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us Maria. I am so sorry this happened, but so thankful it was caught early and you all are fighting it with all you have. Your Mom is so beautiful. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to see her go through something like this. My dad just got in a bad accident, and seeing him in pain and vulnerable has been one of the hardest things as well. But it really makes you focus on what matters in life and I love that you’re using it to do something good in the world! Proud of you and you look amazing as always! xo

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you so much for your sweet words. They mean more than you know. I’m praying for your dad’s speedy recovery…I saw your picture and caption on Instagram the other day and it definitely touched me. Hang in there! xoxo

  3. wish you and your mother all the best ! so beautiful, and i absolutely love your denim shirt (JUST almost bought that at madewell yesterday) i am so happy i stumbled upon your blog through wordpress. would love for you to check out my new blog! i just started blogging on sunday and would appreciate any feedback i get, thanks!

    the degenerate beauty queen

    1. Thank you! :) You should definitely get the denim shirt…I literally wear it at least once a week.

      Welcome to the blogging world! You’re going to have so much fun. x

  4. I am very sorry to hear about your mother’s disease :-( I think she looks beautiful with both wigs. Hopefully she can be cured.

  5. Hey girl, I just have the chance after few weeks to take a look and enjoy your amazing blog. What you said about you mom is very touching, as you said she will be ok. My best wishes to her, lots of kisses and tell her she looks so beautiful. We will have a party in pink for her on her way back to zumba… xoxo

    1. Thank you, Jubitza! I’m so happy to hear that you bought a bracelet. You’re going to love it! And yes, can’t wait to party in pink with her when she makes it back to Zumba! Soon! :) xoxo

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