Reality TV (Bravo) Obsession: Gallery Girls

The cast of the new Bravo show, “Gallery Girls” (Courtesy of Bravo)

If there’s one thing (aside from my heels, iPhone, and cat) that I can’t live without on the daily, it would have to be my TV. Yes, I’m a total junkie–and proud. One of my favorite networks? Andy Cohen Bravo, of course. That’s why I was so excited when they sent me a sneak peek at the first episode of their newest docu-series docu-bitch-drama, “Gallery Girls,” which airs on Monday, August 13th at 10pm. Ten minutes into the episode and I was hooked. Hello, new Monday night show!

In short, this guilty pleasure follows the lives of seven 20-something year-old women in NYC who are vying for their dream jobs in the art world. And while they all share passion for “art,” they’re divided between their Brooklyn and Manhattan lifestyles. To be honest, I know very little about the art world, yet somehow I can almost guarantee that it won’t matter (and that those who really are in the art world are probably cringing at the thought of this show and what it may portray). What I do know? Staged TV drama. Check!

Lesson #1: Brooklyn girls wear black, “weird” jewelry, red lipstick, and their hair in buns, while Manhattan girls tend to have blonde hair and were once a part of a sorority.

Lesson #2: “Slap Shots,” slapping someone after they take a shot, is apparently one way to party in Brooklyn.

And lesson #3: Don’t believe the hype.”Invisible underwear” really aren’t invisible.

I’m ready for a season full of hi-larious moments, tears, booze, fashion, more tears, hair accessories, and men. You can watch the trailer for yourself here (with not one, but two references to Sex and the City…how cliché). Will you be watching with me?

PS: Bravo, when you’re ready for a “The Crazy Colombian Sisters” show, please come to me. No staging needed in this family, trust me.




    1. Haha! You’re definitely not the only one. To be honest, I’m not sure how I manage to find the time to watch so much TV…but I guess most of my TV-watching nowadays happens as I blog every night (multi-tasking!). Can’t wait to watch with you! :)

  1. I am in the art world, and it is a bit different, very different. You can see they are using certain stereotypes here in the show I think to appeal to certain audience, and I am in. I will check it out. That what tv needs a Latin show, I would watch your show. ;)

  2. I’m in. Sounds amaze…And yes, even more amaze would be the Colombian sisters show. Count me in for that one too, Andy Cohen!

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