Pink Pants + Polka Dots

Top: J. Crew | Jeans: J. Crew (similar) | Shoes: Brian Atwood (similar) | Purse: Marc Jacobs Collection (similar) | Sunglasses: Tory Burch Aviators | Earrings: Kate Spade | Necklace: HRH Collection | Rings: YSL “Arty,” TomTom Jewelry, Colombia | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: {Courtesy of} Oia Jule Gold Chain and Pave Ball, Vintage

What better way to end a crazy week than with my lovely bright pink jeans? Well, there is one better way: by pairing them with my bright blue Brian Atwoods, of course! I’m absolutely loving how this simple, yet put-together outfit came together!

Happy Weekend! xo <3




  1. You know I love me some COLLOORR! Love the bold pumps with the highlighter-esque skinnies! So cheery and a perfect way to ring in the weekennnddd! Woop woop!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. such a fantastic outfit!!! I adore the subtle polka dots & the blue/pink combo you so flawlessly executed!!

    also, I suppose your hair is up quite a bit so I hadn’t noticed— it’s SO long!!! what are your fav shampoos, etc to keep it looking so great?!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! My hair is a bit out of control and, to be honest, I don’t use anything special for it…mostly because I’m “hair stupid.” ;) I use Herbal Essence and Pantene shampoos because I don’t have time to go to the beauty supply store and find one that I like. The one thing I do use is heat protection before blow drying my hair. I also try to go 2-3 days in between washing if I can. I’ve never colored my hair, but this might be changing soon now that I’m seeing my first signs of gray (noooooo!).

      That said, I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed in a few weeks…thinking a good 3″-4″ off. Ahh! :)

  3. Maria, you put this outfit so flawlessly togehter. Love that pop of pink and blue, such mood lifters. II wish I could get my hands over those hair hahaha, beautiful. one of my best friends come from colombia as well, they proably have all that nice and shiny long hair there :-)


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