Summer Chill

Dress: Zara // Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff “Becky” // Shoes: Sam Edelman via Poshmark // Purse: {Courtesy of} Rebecca Minkoff // Scarf: Alexander McQueen // Sunglasses: D&G // Earrings: Anthropologie // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: HRH Collection // Rings: {Courtesy of} Karen London, Colombia

Mother Nature sure has a funny way of throwing us off when we get a little too comfortable with our gorgeous California weather, doesn’t she? I woke up to overcast clouds, wet pavement, and chilly winds…a far cry from the perfectly warm weather we’ve been spoiled with recently. Luckily, I was able to sneak some pictures outside during a small break in the rain. Unluckily, I got my car washed over the weekend and now it’s dirty again. Ah, c’est la vie.

PS: I’m obsessed with my new Karen London studded ring. I was overdue for new statement rings and was so excited when Karen London’s team asked me to style up this wooden and brass detailed ring. It’s actually what inspired me to put together this entire outfit!




  1. Boooooo to the rain, but yayyyy to us for making it work! We are so determined! I love this look and the new ring is badassss!!

    <3 Amanda

  2. Maria,
    Absolutely beautifully and stylishly put together. Love the knit dress and the blazer with the sleeves up makes the entire outfit super chic. The Alexander McQueen scarf pairs well with the look. The overall look is edgy-chic-rockish!

    1. Thank you! One of my favorite things about fashion is that it gives us the opportunity to transform ourselves every day. One day girly-chic, the next edgy-rocker-chic. ;)

  3. I love your outfit, so nice. And I hate how the weather here is so bipolar too. It’s really annoying how one day it’s sunny, the next it’s freezing and it even rained yesterday. In june. In fremont, so much for sunny CA.

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