Pink Lemonade

Top: Zara // Yellow Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Denim Jacket: Levi’s // Shoes: Zara // Purse: {Courtesy of} Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC // Sunglasses: Burberry // Earrings: Kate Spade // Necklace: Kate Spade // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: BCBG, Vintage // Rings: YSL, Colombia

This spurt of warm summer weather in the Bay Area had me reach for some of my favorite bright pieces. I haven’t worn this color combination yet and I’m kind of obsessed with how bright and cheery it turned out! The studs on my pumps and my stand-out cross-body bag were the perfect finishing touches.

Side note: For fun, I sometimes judge my outfit decisions by the number of glances, stares, and comments I get from strangers during the day. Please understand that I live and work in Silicon Valley and the common daytime outfit for those in the area is reminiscent of Steve Job’s uniform (black turtleneck, blue jeans, sneakers). Based on the looks I received at Pete’s Coffee this morning and the stares I got walking in downtown Palo Alto during lunch time, I have to say that this ‘fit was a success! ;)

Have a great weekend, Kittens! I’ll be announcing the winner of my Geometric Glam giveaway on Monday. Good luck to those who entered! <3 xo




  1. What a perfect outfit to welcome the month of June! (Can’t believe it’s here already, by the way). I adore the lemonade jeans, although it’s not a look that every body type can pull off as well as you do! Nice trio of sherbet colors with the orange nail polish, too.

    PS- guess who just bought a one-way ticket to your motherland for early July? ;-)

    1. June?! Seriously. Don’t know where this year is going.

      NO way! Where in Colombia? And one way….?! Where will you be living? So excited for you (and jealous!).

    1. You should comment more often! :)

      Hmm…I did get gas recently, but can’t remember when or where. Santa Clara maybe? ;)

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment! xoxo

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