Party and Shop With Me!

Remember when I told you about the launch of one of my favorite, local apps Poshmark? Well, guess what?! They’ve asked me and Adiel of It’s Because I Think Too Much to co-host a Posh Party this Wednesday, 11.16! What does this mean? Well, simply put: Party with me virtually directly from your iPhone! Join me on the app at 8pm PST on Wednesday, list your unwanted fashion goods for sale, and check out what other peeps across the country are selling!

The theme of this Posh Party is “Bold Accessories,” so be sure to dig through your jewelry case, purse stash, and hat boxes, find pieces that you’re no longer showing much love to and list them for sale! Don’t have anything to list this time around? No problem! Browsing, hearting, commenting, and buying (of course!) others’ listings is just as much fun.


1. Download the free Poshmark app for your iPhone

2. RSVP for the Posh Party I’m co-hosting on Facebook

3. Open up the app at 8pm PST this Wednesday, 11.16

4. Get in your favorite PJs, drink wine/champagne/tea/whatever and party and shop with me from the comfort of your home/restaurant/bar/wherever! ;)

FUN! My username on Poshmark is “Maria” so be sure to follow me once you’re on. Hope to see you there!



    1. Unfortunately, it’s only available for the iPhone right now. I’ll be sure to let you know when/if it opens up for droids.

      PS: You should definitely get an iPhone 4S. ;)

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