Poshmark: New Fashion App

Are you like me with a closet full of who-knows-what that drives you crazy each and every morning because you can never find something to wear? I can honestly tell you that I know I have clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything in between that are either new with tags or have been worn once or twice, yet I know I’ll never wear them again for one reason or another. Why do I keep them in my closet then? A few reasons, but the main one is because I’m simply too lazy/busy/lazy to either find a nice, new home for them or take the time to sell them on eBay. What is a shopping-addicted gal to do?

VOILA! That’s where the Poshmark iPhone app comes in! Poshmark makes the process of selling your old treasures super easy (almost too easy!). Available for free at the app store, this super addicting iPhone app is the most convenient and totally fun way of selling your unwanted fashion goods. All you have to do is use Facebook Connect to log-in, take a couple snaps of the product you want to sell, fill out a few simple things about the product (price, size, etc), and donezo–you’ve listed an item for sale! If you don’t have anything to sell, no problem! It’s still just as much fun to browse, like, comment, and of course buy others’ listings.

I’ve been an app tester for the last few months (those are some of my listings above) and I’m so excited to finally share that it’s available for everyone to download in the app store! Join me in on the fun (and sell me your goodies!). ;) HUGE congrats to the PM team–you guys ROCK!



  1. LOVE it Maria! this is so well written, and it means so much that YOU would be one of the first to do a writeup on us here at Poshmark!!! Thanks for being an awesome beta tester!! Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!

    xo Carlina & the PM team

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