My Missoni for Target Haul

I set four different alarms on my phone to make sure that I woke up early enough to swing by my local Target store when it opened at 8am. Unfortunately, I was running 10-15 minutes behind schedule and nearly everything (and I literally mean everything) from the collection was off the racks and off the shelves. After doing a few laps around the store and stalking a few gals who had obviously grabbed one of everything in every size when the doors opened, I managed to walk away with a good handful of things! However, I’m still longing for this carry-on suitcase and I refuse to pay the crazy prices people are asking for on eBay. Please let me know if you spot one of these babies at your local store! ;) Now, on to the haul!

L-R: Rain boots, green sweater, cardigan, felt floppy hat

L-R: Black and white zig zag blouse, flower-print blouse

L-R: Silk pajama top and shorts set, black and white makeup bag, blank note cards, black and blue tights, martini shaker

I had all of my things spread out on the floor and Bella found the perfect spot to relax–right in the middle of Missoni. Definitely “Kitties + [Target] Couture.” ;)



  1. YAY! You got great stuff! I loved almost everything so it was hard to decide what to buy. I wanted the espresso cups and they were gone in seconds. Damn Oprah said they were a must have so I feel like everyone went crazy lol. My mom actually got me most of my stuff she was amazing :)

    1. I’m wearing one of the blouses today–look out for that post tomorrow! So fun. I wanted the espresso cups SO bad too! And a throw. Ah, oh well. :) What an amazing mom you have! What did you end up getting?

  2. I love, love, love Bella! I want to snuggle her…hmmm, reading that back sounds way creepier than it does in my head! I love black and whites and her fur looks so soft! Okay, okay, on to Missoni for Target. You totally scored! I couldn’t make it to a Target before work, so my best friend shopped for me in Portland (because no one cares about fashion there)! I can’t wait to get my stuff!

    1. hahahahahaha best comment EVER. #crazycatladiesrock Her fur is the softest! It’s her 8th birthday today–aww, senti. :)

      Ah, lucky girl with a good friend! What did you score?

    1. It was madness, to say the least! I hope they’re able to restock, although Target is saying it won’t be restocking online (only some stores). Geeze! :)

  3. Can you please advise of the quality? I’ve ordered the green sweater and a skirt and would like to order more but while I’m waiting for my stuff to come (I don’t live in America) I thought I’d bite the bullet and ask whether the range was decent quality (i.e. doesn’t pill on first wear) and a good fit. I’ve read reviews on the Target website that the soles on the ballet flats wear out after one use and I really wanted a pair, but I’ll give them a miss now.

    1. Hello! I’ve actually only worn one top (the floral blouse seen on my post after this one) and have nothing but positive things to say about it! The green sweater is a beauty–very, very delicately done. Will look great with a blouse underneath. I was surprised with the sizing of the sweater and do think it runs a little small (I usually wear a XS or S and bought a M in the sweater).

      Enjoy your Missoni!

      1. Hi Maria,
        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I read they were a size large so ordered an S in the blouse… fingers crossed it fits! Thanks for the feedback, now I can’t wait to get mine,

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