Liquid Champagne

Top: Tart via Gilt Groupe (similar style here) // Jeans: Rich & Skinny // Shoes: Jessica Simpson // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Python MAC Clutch (similar style here) // Sunglasses: Burberry // Bracelets: H&M, Vintage // Rings: Gifted, Low Luv x Erin Wasson // Watch: Michael Kors

My latest package from Gilt Groupe stuffed with a Tart dress and this sequinned top came just in time! I had to be at work extra early and I thought: what better way to get dressed at 6:30am for work than with a golden, glitzy, totally OTT top? To be honest, I felt weird getting so glittery at the butt crack of dawn, but as soon as I walked out the door, I knew that the top was going to help me get through my to-do list. Mixed it up with my go-to python clutch and tons of coffee, and I ended up having a recipe for a productive day!



    1. Thank you! Isn’t it perfect? I didn’t want to take it off last night! Nothing like a bit of shimmer to give me a boost in confidence. :) xx

  1. ok so I’m just gonna say what everyone else is already- awesome top on a gorgeous girl, just doesn’t get any better!

    you’ve inspired me to wear pink sequins to work tomorrow :)

    xo Carlina

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