Fall Picks From Zara

No joke–I let out a pretty loud shriek in the middle of a meeting after I saw the Tweets about Zara launching their e-commerce site on September 7th (what I was doing checking Twitter in the middle of a meeting is beside the point right now). While there are a couple of Zara stores in SF, online shopping is music to my ears, the beating to my heart, etc., etc. AKA I’m an addicted, compulsive online shopper. Combine this with my love for Zara and, my friend, you’ve got a recipe for disaster (at least for my wallet). To celebrate 9/7/11, a date that will forever be etched in my U.S. Fashion History, I have picked out my favorite pieces from their newest collection below.

1. Topstiched Trench Coat: $80

2. Round Neck Frock Coat: $129

3. Blazer With Zips: $129

4. Purple Tulip Dress: $100

5. Metallic Mini Dress: $189

6. Black Leather Mini Skirt: $100

7. Lime Green V-Neck Sweater: $60

8. Fuchsia Boat Neck Sweater: $60

9. Red Knit Sweater: $60

10. Palazzo Trousers: $80

11. Dark Wash Wide-Leg Jeans: $80

12. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: $50

13. Snakeskin Platform Pumps: $129

14. Two-Toned Skankeskin Peep Toe Pump: $90

15. Shiny Metallic Peep Toe Ankle Boot: $159



  1. This is so very exciting! I love your picks for Fall. I can’t wait for the site to go live. My bank account is shaking in it’s knees.




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