Rebecca Minkoff NYC Sample Sale

Rebecca Minkoff and I <3

I don’t think I could have timed my business trip to NYC any better! Tuesday night was the VIP night for the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. The line was out the door and around the corner of the block, but I had two things in mind: Spotting RM herself + walking away with at least one bag. After all, I can’t say no to a sale, especially a Rebecca Minkoff sale!

Glad to report, as you can see above and below, that both of my goals for the night were accomplished! As we were standing in line waiting to pay for our new bags, we spotted Rebecca in the corner of the room with her group hanging out. The first thing I thought about was how adorably pregnant she was! Literally. The baby bump was her best accessory…and that’s saying a lot because she was rocking some major bling and, of course, a killer bag. Too bad I took of my heels and look super short (or should I say “shorter than usual”?) next to her!

I walked away with a black 5 Zip Clutch with steel hardware and a purple, snake-print, studded iPad case.

Waiting in line, somewhat patiently

Madness. Women with one thing on their mind...Becky!

My new crossbody and iPad case!

Inside shot of the iPad in the case...featuring my lovely Bella :)

Happy floating bobble heads: Jen, Jessica, Me, Katie

xo, MM



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