The Shoe Color Wheel

Red: Asos, Orange: Topshop, Yellow: Pierre Hardy, Green: Asos, Blue: Topshop, Purple: Asos

The color blocking trend has been quickly making its way into my closet with tops, skirts, pants, and a few accessories here and there. However, I have yet to rock color on my feet (aside from my pedi, of course) and, boy, are they craving some major color attention!

Tell me, dear readers, how have you been getting your color fix? Have you found other drool-worthy bright shoes I should take a look at? Links, please!





  1. Oh hun, I have tons of bright colorful shoes on ‘my list’ lol. BUT am trying to be more sensible in my buys right now and buy essentials I need yet over things that are more statement pieces that catch my eye. Then again maybe lemon and lime and orange and red should be staples lol

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

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